Michael Bacall gives update on Les Grossman movie

Screenwriter Michael Bacall has given an update on the long-rumoured Les Grossman spin-off movie, revealing that the film will attempt to uncover where the Hollywood hothead’s well-documented anger issues originated.

“Tom [ Cruise ] had an incredible idea on how to tell this story, and give it some real emotion and heart,” Bacall told THR , “And as soon as he hit on that idea, it was off to the races. But I feel really good about that project, and I hope that it will happen.”

Having recently worked on both Project X and 21 Jump Street , Bacall is confident his script for the Tropic Thunder spin-off will fall somewhere between the balls of the former and the heart of the latter.

“I think people would be disappointed if that character didn’t carry around that explosive rage that we associate with him” continues Bacall, “and that’s what makes his performance so enjoyable. But none of us feel like the movie could sustain what was a 90-minute Les Grossman tirade.”

“So we want to try and get a little bit of a glimpse of where that rage is coming from," he says. “The guy will be a force of nature, but we want to have some kind of emotional connection to him.”

George Wales

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