Matthew Vaughn directing Thor!

Matthew Vaughn must be back in Marvel’s good books after dumping X-Men 3 weeks before it was about to shoot – because he’s just been handed the hammer of Thor.

It’s more likely, however, that the Marvel honchos just got a look at his adaptation of Stardust and decided he’s exactly the man to handle the superhero with the flowing blond locks and the spiky helmet. It’s the latest in Marvel’s smart moves - finding eclectic and interesting directors (such as Jon Favreau for Iron Man) to launch their other hero films.

Mark Protosevich has penned the latest version of the script, which chronicles the story launched in the comic book’s 1962 debut and will find Thor sent to Earth to help protect mankind.

Marvel will be hoping that he can get the film shooting this winter, though first he’s going to have to find someone beefy, blond and willing to look stupid in a helmet to play the lead. Wonder what Dolph Lundgren’s doing these days?

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