Matt Damon tapped for Finchers Torso?

Matt Damon is rumoured be tapped for David Fincher’s new movie Torso, a movie based on the serial slayings that took place in Cleveland during the 1930’s.

Website spilled the casting detail in an article concerning the lack of tax breaks for film-makers in its parent state Ohio.

Paramount Studios is threatening to move production to somewhere else, in order to capitalise on financial incentives offered elsewhere.

"It all comes down to what's the best place to get our movie shot for the least money," producer Producer Bill Mechanic said.

"We want to shoot the entire movie, the interior and exterior shots, in Cleveland because that's where the action takes place and so we wouldn't have to relocate the crew. But without incentives, it doesn't look like we can afford it."

It seems despite Fincher’s recent battles with the studio over the length of Benjamin Button , Torso is still going ahead.

If true, Matt Damon would play Eliot Ness, the infamous leader of the law enforcement team The Untouchables.