Lori Petty wins The Poker House

Ever since Lori Petty’s acting career seemed to hit a serious road bump with 1995’s Tank Girl, she’s had a pretty low profile, working solidly, but turning up mostly in smaller indie movies and on TV.

Now it looks like she’s aiming to switch to work behind the camera, co-writing and directing a film set in 1976. The Poker House tells the tale of a 14-year-old girl and her two younger sisters as they struggle through a daily life that seems to tumble from one tragedy to the next.

She’s not entirely giving up on the acting lark though, as she’ll appear in the film alongside co-writer David Alan Grier, Selma Blair, Bokeem Woodbine and Jennifer Lawrence.

And if you’re wondering when it starts shooting, well we’ve got news for you – it’s already underway in Chicago. Yeah, that showed you, didn’t it?