Long on board for Die Hard 4

Our world leaders could learn a thing or two from movies and TV land…

Think about it – you’ve got a problem with a fella trying to wipe out LA? Send in Jack Bauer. Some Eurotrash monkey is holding NYC to ransom? Somebody call up John McClane.

Just when it seemed our favourite New York copper had hung up his badge for good, Bruce Willis is back as McClane and with pre-production in the location-scouting stages, the casting for Die Hard 4 is well underway.

Along for the ride is Dodgeball and Accepted star Justin Long. Although no announcement has been made as to the role Long will be filling, our money is on him doing a turn as an internet geek.

DH4 sees McClane coming out of retirement to take on a gang of web terrorists who are planning to grind the US to a halt via the internet, shutting the country down step by step.

Shooting is set to start in Vancouver on 30 September with Underworld helmer Len Wiseman in the big chair.

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