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Justice League movie having script difficulties?

Just yesterday we heard from Mark Millar about his misgivings regarding a Justice League movie, and today we’re hearing rumours that the project has hit yet another roadblock.

Various sources for Badass Digest (opens in new tab) claim that Warner Bros has thrown out Will Beall’s script altogether, a serious setback for a project that currently has no director nor confirmed cast members.

Last we heard, Beall’s script was positioning the villainous Darkseid as the story’s primary antagonist alongside an unnamed “cosmic threat”. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern were set to be the primary heroes.

However, it seems that Warner isn’t happy with the direction the script has taken, so don’t be surprised if that lineup is subject to change should a new writer be brought on board.

At present the film is still lined up for a 2015 release, but with nothing concrete in place so far, we’d be surprised if the film made it out of the blocks any time soon…

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