Justice League ditching Australia?

Warners’ Justice League Of America (or, as it’s currently working titled, Justice League: Mortal) seems to be one of those cursed big-budget productions that happens along every once in a while.

Beset by the writers’ strike, script issues, budget wobbles and fan backlash, the film is now apparently facing a move from Australia because the country’s government doesn’t think it’ll qualify as Australian enough and therefore is refusing to grant it a tax rebate, which would help with the hefty production costs.

"If that's going to be the final decision, they're throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars of investment that the rest of the world is competing for and, much more significantly, highly skilled creative jobs,” blabbed director George Miller to the Sydney Morning Herald (opens in new tab) . Hit up the link for more, and keep wondering whether the film really will hit that 2010 release date…

Source: ( Sydney Morning Herald (opens in new tab) )

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