Joseph Gordon Levitts Sandman gets a new screenwriter

The forthcoming adaptation of the Sandman comic-books has appointed a new writer, with How I Live Now scribe Jack Thorne on board to work on the script.

The new film will be co-produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David S. Goyer, with Thorne expected to write his script based upon a story pitch from Goyer.

Gordon-Levitt is also expected to star in the title role as Morpheus, the Lord Of Dreams, who finds himself exiled from the Dream Kingdom, only to return and find it a ruin of its former self.

Neal Gaiman’s well-loved book is certainly not the most straightforward of comics to adapt, but Goyer has plenty of previous with this kind of material, and has hopefully isolated a particular element of the story for Thorne to work with.

Warner Bros. is also harbouring hopes that JGL will complete his hat-trick and direct the project, but nothing has been officially confirmed on that score as yet.

George Wales

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