JJ Abrams discovers a Mystery On Fifth Avenue

There are many unlikely premises and chunks of source material that get turned into movies, and magazine articles can be prime launching points for films.

But JJ Abrams’ company Bad Robot and Paramount have teamed up to buy one that’s even less likely than usual. Written by reporter Penelope Green for the New York Times, Mystery On Fifth Avenue chronicles the home of Steven Kinsky and Maureen Sherry, two financial wizards who decided to make home a much more fun place for their four kids. Their solution? Buy up an $8.5 million, 4,200-square-foot 1920’s luxury apartment and turn it into a maze of puzzles, games and messages for the sprogs.

Myra Forbes and Simpsons veteran Wally Wolodarsky are the writers charged with turning the unusual idea into a workable movie. We’re thinking something along the lines of Zathura, with a house coming to life, perhaps? The Hollywood Reporter is exploring the story .