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Jennifer Anistons pregnant

Relax, people... It's only a movie: Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have agreed to star in fertility comedy Baster.

It’s the story of a neurotic bloke (Bateman) who discovers his best friend (Aniston) is trying to get knocked up through artificial insemination.

So he manages to switch his man-batter for her chosen donor sample and is then forced to live with the secret that the child is his.

It sounds like it might be the latest gross-out/sweet-natured Farrelly brothers goof, but in actual fact it’s being directed by Blades Of Glory’s Will Speck and Josh Gordon.

And even more surprisingly, the source isn’t some fevered pitch from a 20-something writer, it’s based on a short story from Jeffrey “The Virgin Suicides” Eugenides.

And it’s actually been in development for a while now - since September 2007, in fact. Wonder why it took so long to find a cast?

[Source: Variety ]

Can infertility comedies work on screen? Does anyone actually remember Maybe Baby?