Jaume Collet-Serra still hoping to direct Akira

The long-mooted remake of classic anime, Akira , might have been on hiatus for several years now, but director Jaume Collet-Serra is still hopeful that he will get the chance to helm the live-action update.

The last time Collet-Serra was attached to the project, Warner balked at his proposed $90 million budget, and Akira has been in limbo ever since.

However, the director has brought the film back onto the agenda once more, telling press that, “I’m focusing on Akira , so hopefully that’s the next one.

“I’ve done two movies since I put this little pause on that project,” he continues, “but now the powers that be are interested.”

He stops short of confirming that Warner have given his vision for Akira the green light, but it does at least sound as though discussions have started up once more. Looks like this is one proposed remake that just won’t go quietly...

George Wales

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