Jason Momoa is Conan!

Last week we reported that there were three be-muscled actors all up for the role of Conan in the new Conan the Barbarian film.

Those contenders were Jason Momoa from Stargate: Atlantis , Kellan Lutz from Twilight and a mystery third beefcake who was revealed to be Supernatural giant Jared Padalecki.

Well, the contest is over (we don't know if there was a medieval battle involved), and we have a victor.

Yep, it’s Momoa.

Despite reports that Lionsgate were keen for a more “experienced actor”, Momoa seems to have won them over. Apparently his screen test was better than anybody else’s.

Additionally, we hear that Lionsgate have “extended an offer” to Mickey Rourke to play Conan’s father. No confirmation either way yet, but interesting nonetheless.

If you want a chance to check of the new Conan’s chops before making a decision on his casting, you can catch Momoa in new HBO drama Game of Thrones later this year.

Good choice? Prefer Padalecki? Voice your thoughts down yonder...

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