J Michael Straczynski talks the Silver Surfer movie

He used to be best known for creating epic sci-fi series Babylon 5, but these days J Michael Straczynski is garnering even more praise for his film scripting work, with Cannes success The Changeling and about a thousand more projects on the way. Which is about average for JMS’ workload.

Before Clint Eastwood ever came knocking for The Changeling Straczynski was approached by Marvel off the back of his comics-writing success, to script a stand-alone Silver Surfer movie which would have spun off from The Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. But that sequel has come and gone, with no sign of the shiny space-traveller getting his own film. So where is it? AMC tracked him down and asked him about it . Seems that we shouldn’t hold our breath for the follow-up thanks to FF2’s less than blockbuster box office.

JMS isn’t worried though – he’s keeping up his pace of work, including adapting Zombie holocaust novel World War Z and re-writing Ninja Assassin for the Wachowski brothers in 53 hours straight. No, we’re not kidding. The man’s a machine!

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