It's Statham vs. prehistoric shark in monster movie Meg

Just when you thought your day couldn't get any better. Jason Statham is *this close* to signing up for a movie that will pit the action star supreme against his most menacing opponent yet: a prehistoric shark.

After decades in development Meg looks to be moving forward with Statham in line to play one of two men who go up against a 70-foot ancient beastie. The action takes place in China after a deep-sea trench is disturbed and unleashes a Megaladon, an ancestor of the Great White Shark. Naturally, it's a bit grumpy and begins to wreak havoc along the coastline. By that brief synopsis alone, this already has the potential to become your new favorite movie. There's no word yet on who specifically Statham might play so we'll just assume he'll be punching sharks and dishing out badass one-liners.

Horror helmer Eli Roth was originally attached to direct the creature feature, but left the project after Warner Bros. retooled its plans for the film. Might that have been to avoid an R-rating? It looks like it, as Meg is now in the hands of a family-friendly creative team. National Treasure's Jon Turtletaub is directing from a recent script penned by The Amazing Spider-Man's James Vanderbilt.

Images: Lionsgate

Gem Seddon

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