Ian McShane will join Nick Frost for Cuban Fury

Cuban Fury , Nick Frost's salsa-dancing comedy, has added another British star to its cast in the form of Frost's Snow White And The Huntsman co-star, Ian McShane.

The film sees Frost play an office worker drifting through life until his beautiful new American boss (Rashida Jones) inspires himself to get off his arse and do something, namely salsa dancing.

McShane will play the dance instructor who reignites Frost's long-dormant passion for salsa, conjuring the glorious image of Deadwood 's Al Swearengen turning the air blue in a flamboyant shirt and cuban heels.

McShane joins a cast that includes Chris O'Dowd, playing a sleazy co-worker of Frost and Jones, and the wonderful Olivia Colman, who will play Frost's sister. Not a bad little ensemble, by anyone's reckoning.

Directed by first-timer James Griffiths from a script by Jon Brown, Cuban Fury is expected to arrive in 2013, with a specific release date to be confirmed. If Robbie Savage can throw down some moves on Strictly , we've every confidence in Frost setting the dancefloor ablaze next year...

George Wales

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