High Noon remake touted

Welcome once more to another round of Please Don’t Touch That, in which we take a moment to bemoan the possible remake of a classic movie that really doesn’t need a new version.

Today we’re featuring 1952’s High Noon, which has just seen its remake rights bought up by a consortium at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. Producer Mark Headley, along with actor Christopher Mitchum (Robert’s son) and business guru Toni Covington locked up the rights to the tale of a town’s marshal forced to face down a killer gang all on his lonesome.

They’ve formed a company called High Noon Productions and are apparently now casting about for a director and leading man. There’s no word on whether a script is complete, but we’re guessing they have something in hand because the company wants to start shooting next year at a cost of $20 million.

Let’s hope the writers’ strike doesn’t derail their plans… Though someone might be hoping for an indefinite delay – that sound you hear is Total Film’s editor gouging his desk with a knife in frustration at the idea that the beloved classic could be remade.