Hero Wanted: Cuba Gooding Jr and Ray Liotta answer

How far would you go to impress the person you were in love with? If you’re a guy in a movie trying to get the woman you love from afar to notice you, you naturally try and stage a robbery at the bank where she works so you can be a hero. Yes, guys in movies are stupid.

The bloke in question this time will be played by Cuba Gooding Jr, who has just signed on alongside Ray Liotta to play a bin man who hatches exactly that crazy plan in Hero Wanted. Naturally, things don’t go according to his grand plan and he ends up seeking revenge against the double-crossing swine that makes his life hell.

Possible typing error Brian Smrz – who has plied his trade as a second unit director on Superman Returns and the first two X-Men movies – is stepping up to the big chair. "I was very impressed by Smrz's creative vision and felt he would bring real style to this project," producer Johnny Martin gushed to The Hollywood Reporter.

They’ll get a chance to see if that vision translates to a good movie when shooting starts in the current hot location for cheap filming - Bulgaria – next month.