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Hellboy 2 dropped by Sony

You know the story – director hits the back of the net with a little-anticipated movie that becomes somewhat of a cult hit and suddenly his doormat could be renamed Scriptsville. So what next? Does he make the sequel or move on to one of the sweet offers that are chirping out from his cell phone on a daily basis?

Well, if he’s Guillermo Del Toro, he does the latter.

After the commercial success of the first Hellboy movie, the sequel was bound to surface. The only problem is, with no committed cast or budget, it has not come fast enough for helmer Del Toro to commit to it – so Sony have dropped the flick which was set to be called Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

Variety reports that with movies such as the gothic thriller Killing On Carnival Row already set to go at New Line, Del Toro’s calendar is already backlogged. This means a sequel to the graphic novel adap is now slipping into limbo and probably won’t resurface unless another studio gets involved.