Hawke the vampire slayer

There seem to be two Ethan Hawkes living and working in Hollywood. One is the grungy, stroky beard-type indie actor and filmmaker who likes nothing more than making lo-fi films with Richard Linklater or cramming mates into talky, thoughtful musings on life. Then, there’s the more recent arrival, the Hawke man of action, who thrives on big guns and bullets.

Looks like the second Hawke is in charge of his next film, vampire epic Daybreakers, which finds Earth in 2017 a dark and scary place after most of the world’s people have been transformed into neck-chomping vamps. But with the actual human population dwindling, the big-toothed bloodsuckers must start to farm the remaining normal folk or find a substitute. Hawke’s playing a researcher who stumbles on a discovery that could save everyone’s lives.

Yeah, it sounds like Blade crossed with I Am Legend, but at least Peter and Michael Spierig, the Aussie horror lovers behind Undead are writing and co-directing, and with Weta on board to create the monster mash effects, it’ll look good.