Guillermo del Toro bringing Hulk to TV screens


Guillermo del Toro must surely be the busiest man working today. Not only is he continually giving new talent a leg-up by producing their movies, he’s also got his own film projects on the go – and now a new Hulk TV series.

Yes, the cult director is currently finalising a deal to work with ABC Studios to bring the giant green Marvel character back to the small screen.

The live action show will be executive produced by Battlestar Galactica ’s David Eick, who will also script the show’s pilot based on story ideas contributed by himself and del Toro.

Even more exciting, del Toro (who will share a ‘created by’ credit) will direct the show’s pilot episode – if he’s not too busy working on his next movie, At The Mountains Of Madness .

Prep work on Hulk is currently still in the very early stages, though the prospect of del Toro branching out into TV is enough to get us salivating already.

We'll have to wait a while to clear our evenings, though - Hulk won't rampage onto our TV screens until 2012, just after The Avengers hits cinemas.

Which gives us just enough time to save up for a brand new giant TV to do the big man's return some justice...

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