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Greengrass sets sail for Treasure Island

Director Paul Greengrass has decided to jump ship on James Cameron’s 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage , despite previous reports that he had just about fallen hook, line and sinker for the project.

The reboot, which Cameron will still produce, will now be searching for a new director. But with Cameron busy readying Avatar 2 , we can’t imagine he’ll be the one to save it.

What’s lured Greengrass away like the seductive song of a sea-swept siren? Well, another remake – this one Treasure Island .

Produced by Sherlock Holmes ’ Lionel Wigram, the new Treasure Island is being described as a more stylised adaptation of Louis Stevenson’s GCSE favourite. Which could mean it has no talking and features actors working on a Dogville -style non-set .

Or, it will just look, like, awesome cool. We can’t wait to see what Greengrass does with the project, especially as his previous filmic ventures have been more action man than Long John.

Think this could be a fun departure for Greengrass? Or is the grass just greener on the other side?