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Ghostbusters game trailer blasts in

After months of speculation, the first trailer for the Ghostbusters video game is now online.

And despite the abortive Comic Con presentation, the footage on display here makes us excited like a toddler in a Toys ‘R’ Us.

Because the game– written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and boasting just about every voice from the first movie (bar Rick Moranis) – is so like the movie it’s scary.

Witty banter

Featuring some of the typically witty banter we know and love from the movies and plenty of ghostly carnage (Mr Stay Puft!), when this thing hits in May next year, our man in LA might just have to crack and buy himself a games console.

Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer below and scope out some pics from the game in our gallery.

[Pics source: IGN ]