Get set for Straightheads

That Danny Dyer, eh? They used to say James Brown was the hardest working man in showbiz but here at, we reckon the Godfather of Soul has lost his crown to the Godfather of Geezer.

Currently shooting Outlaw for Nick Love, Dyer has already stuffed comedy The All Together and Christopher Smith’s cracking horror Severance into the can. Alongside these is the intensely dark thriller Straightheads, the new film from Shooters helmer Dan Reed.

Also starring ex-alien botherer Gillian Anderson, Straightheads revolves around a couple who have been the subject of a terrifying gang attack that changes them forever. The middle-class pair turn their own lives upside down by embarking on a violent rampage.

As well as handling megaphone duties, Reed also wrote the script. You can climb inside the helmer's mind as he works towards getting the finished flick out into cinemas next year by checking out his blog site - the Straightblog .