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Gambit movie loses director Rupert Wyatt

After Channing Tatum nearly sent the Gambit spinoff into oblivion with his salary antics, the film now faces another obstacle in its development. THR reports director Rupert Wyatt has left the movie.

In a statement released to the press, Wyatt blames the ol' scheduling conflicts as the sole reason for his departure, before going on to sing the praises of his cast and crew. “I was very much looking forward to working with my friend Channing [Tatum] and the team at Fox," he explained "but regrettably a push in the start date now conflicts with another project. I thank them for the opportunity, and I know that Gambit will make a terrific film.”

Other sources have implied that his exit is more likely a result of butting heads with Fox over the script and budget. Whether that's the case, it's expected the studio will push on to find a new person for the director's chair as it lines up the ragin' Cajun as a key component in Fox's interconnected cinematic universe.

Gambit is still scheduled to open on October 7, 2016 with Tatum in the lead role and Lea Seydoux cast as his love interest, Bella Donna Boudreaux.

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