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Full-length trailer for Sinister 2 teases the return of Bughuul: watch now

In a quick follow-up to this week’s 16-second teaser, a full-length trailer for Blumhouse’s horror sequel Sinister 2 has hit the web. Running for a good two minutes this extended preview amps up the scares previously hinted at in the earlier snippet. The ghastly demon known as Bughuul returns to muster up fright for a new family and generally make life unbearable for them.

In lieu of Ethan Hawke’s doomed brood who were targeted in the first flick, Shannyn Sossamon and her two boys are now in the crosshairs. When they up sticks and relocate to a grand country house for a fresh start, their excited arrival is somewhat dampened when they find their home is marked for death by the dreaded beastie. Check out the new trailer below:

A chunk of backstory for the villain hammers home the point that you simply can’t outrun ancient evil, especially one as determined as Bughuul. The terrifying ogre looms into view as one of the Sossamon’s youngsters embarks on a spot of sleepwalking, guaranteeing a bunch of major jump scares in the final movie.

There really is nothing worse than moving into a new house only to find you’re sharing it with the boogeyman....

Written by Sinister scribes Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill and directed by Ciaran Foy, Sinister 2 arrives on August 21.

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