First image of Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong

The first image has arrived online from Stephen Frears' currently untitled portrait of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, giving us a first glimpse of Ben Foster in the leading role.

The new image shows Foster donning the yellow jersey and bearing more than a passing resemblance to Armstrong, complete with straining muscles and steely-eyed glare.

The film follows Armstrong's extraordinary rise and fall, beginning in the early '90s, charting his various Tour victories and battle with cancer, before eventually tackling the doping scandal that laid him low.

The film is based on a script from John Hodge, adapted from Sunday Times journalist David Walsh's book based on his investigation of Armstrong, Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit Of Lance Armstrong .

Directed by Frears and co-starring Guillaume Canet, Jesse Piemons and Chris O'Dowd, the film began shooting this month and is expected to arrive in late 2014.

George Wales

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