Final Fantastic Four trailer powers up

The Fantastic Four trailer which Comic-Con fans were treated to over the weekend has now been unleashed online. A frantic three-minute assembly of footage new and old, it's beefed up by some tight editing, brassy score and strong emphasis on the titular team's powers.

Included in this dark mix of Josh Trank's superhero flick is a look at Reed Richards' early years as a fledgling scientist holed up in his parents basement, a new angle on the team's inevitable transformations and at last some dialogue from Doom and Thing. Check out the final trailer below:

"He's stronger than any of us!" one of the Four shouts as they battle Doom. "He's not stronger than all of us," Miles Teller's scientist intones, demonstrating the overriding message -- stick with family and friends and you can achieve anything.

And while the idea of rebooting Marvel's first family has been met with mixed reactions -- if this final preview is anything to go by, we're holding out hope. Co-starring Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell, Fantastic Four opens on August 6 in the UK and August 7 in the US.

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Gem Seddon

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