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Female Bourne film in the works

Fan of Jason Bourne? Wish there was a female equivalent up there on the big screen?

Well, wish no more. Legion producers Bold Films have snapped up an action thriller spec script called Blank State , written by screen-team Doug Cook and David Wiseberg.

The plot is sort of a hybrid mix of La Femme Nikita and The Bourne Identity , with a brain-damaged female convict being implanted with the memories and special abilities of a recently-murdered female CIA agent.

Before you can say, "Um, is this really a good plan?”, the implanted convict has gone rogue, and sets off to try to unravel the mystery behind the murder herself.

It’s a fittingly daft-but-dementedly-cool-sounding premise – typical action thriller stuff in line with the big screen Mission: Impossible s. We’re betting that Bold Films want this to be their answer to Angelina Jolie’s upcoming Salt , which pitches the big-lipped beaut as a CIA agent on the run.

Scribes Cook and Wiseberg also wrote the entertaining if not brilliant The Rock and Double Jeopardy (above).

So who to play the female lead? On-the-rise Brit Gemma Arterton? Perhaps our favourite indie chick Ellen Page? Or how about Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard? All three have the emotional range to reign back this film’s potential for preposterousness...

Who would you cast?