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Enter the Dragon's Lair

Dirk the Daring, the gallant hero from the classic Dragon’s Lair videogame, could be following in the footsteps of Mario, Ms Croft and the Street Fighter posse by starring in his own movie.

Now before you run off screaming - we spent a small fortune at Lacuna Inc. to erase those particular movie memories from our brains too, well, maybe not all of the Tomb Raider ones - it’s an animation, so it’s highly unlikely Uwe Boll will get a look in.

Dragon’s Lair was an innovative videogame which disbanded the notion of moving a white stick or a hungry circle ‘round a screen for a deft, interactive, cartoon-style adventure.

Its creators, Gary Goldman and Don Bluth, have been trying to bring their dungeon caper to cinema screens for some time, but have been faced with an almost impenetrable army of lucrative CGI projects. Their determination and gusto seems to have paid off with reports that a movie could finally be in the works.

Little is known of the film’s plot, although we understand it’s likely to be a prequel, chronicling Dirk’s knightly exploits when he first cut his teeth on his broadsword.

Bluth and Goldman are reportedly indicative that the feature would be made in the classic Disney style of animation, using only primitive colouring-in tools.

It’s a technique which goes against the current zeitgeist of animation films but will undoubtedly suit the medieval tone of the movie.