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Dustin Hoffman joins Little Fockers

Good news for Universal’s third entry in the Meet The Parents franchise, with Dustin Hoffman caving in to reprise his role as Bernie Focker.

Hoffman had initially turned down the chance to appear in Little Fockers , but Deadline reports that director Jay Roach has managed to talk him round, with the character being written into the script.

Hoffman will film his scenes in a series of scheduled re-shoots planned for next month. These will mainly take part with on-screen wife Barbara Streisand, although he will also figure in the movie’s big finale in which all the trilogy’s main characters are set to appear.

However, he won’t be coming cheap, with Universal reportedly agreeing to pay Hoffman the same fee they were offering him to start with. So that’s a full payday for a couple of scenes worth of work? Sounds like Dustin saw them coming…

Little Fockers opens Stateside on December 22nd. That’s Christmas paid for at the Hoffman household…

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