DreamWorks takes Dominion

It must be a tough life running a studio. No, really - despite being the ability to light cigars with big bank notes, hot and cold running champagne and cars bigger than some small towns, they’re always in danger of getting the chop.

Nina Jacobson was ousted from Disney last year, but has set herself up as a producer and brought a new sci fi project to DreamWorks.

Dominion, written by Ben Ripley, tells the story of the man chosen to command an army’s prototype platoon of robo-soldiers. Since it’s a thriller, we’re going to guess something goes horribly, mechanically wrong. Jacobson has been raving about the script to The Hollywood Reporter: "It's a film that will require a real visionary director, and it's a project that has a lot of big-movie elements. We turned a little seedling of an idea into something that is completely original and exciting. It has been a great collaborative process. I'm enjoying taking the time on this project, which is something I couldn't do as a studio executive."

Wish this one luck as it ventures into the terrifying maw of studio development.