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Don’t worry, Han Solo won't have a different name in his spin-off movie

What’s in a name? Well, it turns out, if you’re Han Solo – and judging by the reaction to the rumours that he’s not actually called Han Solo – a helluva lot.  If you were fretting that the galaxy’s greatest smuggler was actually called Hank Solerson (or something equally ridiculous) then worry not: it was all a big Death Star-sized misunderstanding according to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

Speaking to MTV in a video released on their Facebook page, Kennedy reaffirmed that the Han Solo movie wouldn’t see how Han Solo got his name but, more than likely, how the galaxy came to know about the smuggling ne’er-do-well.

“I’m not sure that that’s entirely what Bob [Iger, Disney CEO] meant. There’s more to Han Solo’s name, but it’s not that it’s not his name. It’s obviously his name. It will always be his name.” says Kennedy.

That’s all cleared up (probably). Thank the Falcon for that, a Solo by any other name wouldn’t sound nearly as cool.

Image: Lucasfilm

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