One-time director Diablo Cody has... retired from directing

Diablo Cody has been speaking to THR about her forthcoming projects, and has revealed that she will no longer be experimenting with directing. The Juno screenwriter stepped behind the camera for VOD release Paradise back in 2013, but that film's failure seems to have put her off for good…

"I am retired from directing," said Cody. "I don't think I possess the leadership qualities required to be a director." Whether or not she will be tempted back to the discipline further down the track remains to be seen, but for now it sounds as though she will be focusing squarely on her screenwriting career.

And she has plenty to keep her busy on that score, with a new Amazon series with Louis C.K. in the pipeline, along with Sony’s big-screen Barbie movie. The latter should be particularly interesting, given the extremely commercial subject matter and Cody’s eye for sparky, convention-defying dialogue. It promises to be quite the marriage…

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George Wales

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