De Niro goes Chasing The Dragon

When he’s not busy trying to salvage his acting career by trying to stay away from live action cartoons or turning his hand to the megaphone, Robert De Niro enjoys a healthy side life as a producer.

His Tribeca company is teaming up with Universal after the studio snagged the rights to journalist Roy Rowan’s memoir of the events that birthed the regime. Scribes Jon Marans and Yuri Sivo will adapt Chasing The Dragon: A Veteran Journalist’s Firsthand Account Of The 1949 Chinese Revolution with Rowan – one of the only Western hacks there at the time – on board as a consultant.

Bob’s apparently planning an epic drama with a hint of a forbidden love story, since Rowan fell for a Chinese interpreter who may also have been a secret agent. We think he’s just padding the story, but what do we know?