Darren Aronofsky responds to Noah criticisms

Darren Aronofsky has responded to criticisms of Noah ’s eco-friendly message, with one critic having branded his title character as “an environmental wacko”.

Aronofsky raised the issue during an interview with CNN , in which he defended the film’s pronounced green message as true to the source material.

“It's in Genesis,” says the director. "Noah is saving the animals; he's not out there saving innocent babies; he's saving the animals, he's saving creation.”

“It was very clear to us that there was an environmental message,” continues Aronofsky. “To pull that message out of it, we think, would have been more of an editing job than just sort of representing what's there.”

Aronofsky went on to refer to a climate change report released by the UN this week, claiming, “the water is rising, and we already saw it once… we are living the second chance that was given to Noah.”

You can make your own mind up when the film is released in UK cinemas tomorrow.

George Wales

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