Darren Aronofsky considers The Fighter

It seems that the stigma of The Fountain’s failure to spray money at the box office hasn’t hurt Darren Aronofsky’s appeal for big studios. He’s already considering several options, including ballet-set thriller Black Swan for Universal, a biblical epic and several TV projects.

And now Paramount has thrown its hat into the, er, ring, sitting the director down to talk to him about The Fighter.

As you know, it’s busy falling into place with Mark Wahlberg planning to star as the punch-chucker “Irish” Micky Ward who grabbed the world lightweight title with the help of his former tramp brother Dicky, who became his trainer. Matt Damon, last seen with onscreen with Wahlberg in The Departed, is circling to play Dicky, with the pair waiting on a fresh draft of the script by Paul Attansio.

And according to Variety , Paramount want the helmer to make something with a slightly broader appeal than his usual work, though they have acknowledged that when you hire Aronofsky, you’re always going to get something a little less traditional than you’d expect.

Still, if he does sign, it’ll be interesting to see what he does with a relatively straightforward seeming biopic…

Source: ( Variety )

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