CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters to hit silver screen?

As far as CS Lewis projects go, The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, we can understand. Prince Caspian, fine.

But a film formed from The Screwtape Letters? The Satanist text that explains how to promote sin and mess with Christian minds, being made in Dubya’s America? Say it ain’t so!

Actually, it ain’t so. Despite outward appearances, The Screwtape Letters isn’t evidence that Lewis lost his mind, turning from a Christian to a Satanist for a bit, to see what it felt like.

Instead, Letters is an uplifting look at the ups and downs of human existence, seen through the eyes of a demon, who is teaching his protégé how to meddle with people’s lives.

Ralph Winter Prods., the company behind Wardrobe and Caspian, is producing the adaptation, which is slated for a 2008 release.