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Crazy new Bad Lieutenant trailer

A seemingly unofficial promotional trailer for Werner Herzog’s take on Bad Lieutenant , starring Nic Cage, has leaked online and you can see it below.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is apparently not designed as a remake – Herzog claims he’s never seen Abel Ferrara’s sleaze-tastic original and that this is “a completely independent autonomous story.”

Which rather begs the question as to why call it Bad Lieutenant?

Still, it follows Cage’s corrupt, whacked out police detective as he tries to protect a young murder witness while overdoing it with pain medication and generally creeping out everyone around him.

Except perhaps Eva Mendes, the girl he falls for when he helps her out of a dodgy, abusive relationship. But then, he also accepts sexual favours as bribes…

We can’t say we’re convinced by the trailer, which doesn’t do the movie many favours. But take a look and decide for yourself…