Conchords star is Men In Black 3s villain

Jemaine Clement has been cast to play the villain in the upcoming sci-fi sequel Men In Black 3 .

The New Zealand actor most famous for starring in TV series Flight Of The Conchords has been recruited to play a character who is being referred to as both Boris and Yaz.

According to various sources who've seen the script, the film’s going to be pretty stuffed with villains – is that a good sign? We’re not so sure. If they're just glimpses of shady characters as in the first film, it should be pretty fun.

One thing that is a good sign is that Josh Brolin has also been cast. But the following info might be considered spoiler-ish so if you want to be surprised come the film’s release, stop reading now.

Still here? Okay, so Brolin is going to be playing the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent K. Heat Vision report (opens in new tab) that much of the film’s action takes place in 1969, while Tommy Lee Jones will “book end” the movie.

Which sounds like an interesting idea (period settings are always fun in sci-fi), but how does Will Smith figure in? We’re guessing he’ll travel back in time and encounter the younger K...

Looking forward to more Men In Black ?

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