Concept art from Boormans Wizard Of Oz

A fter John Boorman announced he was making a CG animated feature based on L Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, we wondered what such a film would look like.

Now we have a slightly clearer idea. Ain’t It Cool has been sent some early concept art from the film, which appears to coincide with the current info on the film.

Dorothy is being portrayed as a much more tomboyish character than in the 1939 adaptation, while the Tin Man will stay closer to the book, where he’s portrayed as a former Munchkin.

Emerald City visions

Also online are images of the Witch’s castle and the Emerald City, which apparently boasts witch-repelling mists surrounding it. Bet you can’t buy that at B&Q.

We have several of the images up in our gallery; the rest are over at AICN.