Coen brothers set to script Steven Spielberg's Cold War thriller

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have been attached to a Cold War-era thriller for some time now, but the latest development is that the Coen brothers are set to join the production on screenwriting duties.

According to THR , Joel and Ethan are set to submit a draft to Dreamworks, having taken Matt Charman's initial script as a jumping-off point.

The film will tell the true story of one James Donovan, an attorney who found the eyes of the world upon him when he was charged with negotiating the release of spy-plane pilot Gary Powers with the KGB.

Nothing has been officially confirmed as yet, but between the Coens, Spielberg and Hanks, that's a hell of a lot of Oscar-winning pedigree under the same roof…

Spielberg currently has a number of future projects on his slate, but hopefully the Coens can provide a script that fully grips the legendary director's attention. This surely is a collaboration that just has to happen…

George Wales

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