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Christopher McQuarrie will direct Mission: Impossible 5

Mission: Impossible 5 has found itself a new director, with Christopher McQuarrie officially signing on to helm the fourth sequel in the popular action franchise.

McQuarrie took to Twitter to confirm the news with the punchy two-word tweet, "Mission: Accepted", a message then retweeted by leading man Tom Cruise.

Cruise went on to release the following official statement, talking up McQuarrie's appointment, and speaking of his excitement over the fifth film.

"I am thrilled to reunite with Chris for the latest instalment in the Mission series," says Cruise. "I began producing the films with the goal that a different director with his own vision would make each one."

"Chris is an extraordinary filmmaker who will deliver the heart-pounding action and thrills that audiences around the world have come to expect from the Mission: Impossible franchise."

The pair last worked with each other on Jack Reacher , although fans will be hoping for a slightly sparkier outing this time around. Mission: Impossible 5 is expected to arrive in cinemas in 2015.

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