Read the Superhero Registration Act from Captain America: Civil War

When the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War landed online last week, we got our first proper look at what's causing such strife between the Avengers. While the fact that Cap's old pal Bucky is still on the run isn't helping, it's The Sokovia Accords which is causing the real problems between the heroes.

We got a sneak peek at the controversial government document - which demands all superheroes register and are held accountable after the events of Age of Ultron - in the trailer, but fans can now read the agreement in full as it comes as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Box Set.

Check out the Superhero Registration Act below...

It reads: “In accordance with the document at hand, I hereby certify that the below mentioned participants, peoples, and individuals, shall no longer operate freely or unregulated, but instead operate under the rules, ordinances and governances of the afore mentioned United Nations panel, acting only when and if the panel deems it appropriate and/or necessary.” Underneath there's a spot for (some but not all of) the Avengers to sign, but we already know that not everyone will be picking up a pen.

Directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, and starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, Captain America: Civil War hits UK cinemas on April 29 2016 and May 6 2016 in the US.

Lauren O'Callaghan

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