Cary Grant on Ice

Worry not, our headline is not a new Saturday night light entertainment show where H-list celebs have to act out scenes from To Catch A Thief while sliding around a rink in north London… although you might just wish it was!

While scratching around for a sequel storyline to Ice Cube’s war-with-the-kids flick Are We There Yet? Revolution studios have hit on the plan to take their proposed remake of Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House and re-write it into Are We Done Yet?

The original 1948 movie starred Cary Grant as Jim Blandings, who suffers comic disaster after he decides to build a nice big house in the country.

The Cube update will once again feature Nia Long as the love interest along with Aleisha Allan and Philip Bolden as the patience-stretching ankle biters. David Stem and David Weiss are working on the tale, based on Hank Nelken’s Blandings scribbles.

The story will follow the gang as they renovate a house in the sticks – Cube’s character is on the receiving end of the usual slapstick mishaps as his missus and the kids bond with the hunky chief contractor.