Capote star appears in Stephen King adaptation...

Philip Seymour Hoffman fans, calm yourself – it’s not that Capote star we’re talking about. No, we mean Toby Jones, the British star of the other (whisper it – better) Capote movie, Infamous.

He’s signed on to appear in The Mist, the latest Stephen King short story adaptation to be brought from the page to the screen by Frank Darabont.

Frank’s found success with King material in the past, with The Shawshank Redemption being the first title to spring to mind, but he had a bit more to work with back then.

The Mist’s plot – a strange mist containing supernatural creatures engulfs a town, forcing the inhabitants to fight for their lives – might sound familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in John Carpenter (The Fog, anyone?), but such obviousness aside, we’re actually looking forward to this one.

Jones is one of the most underrated actors around, and the thought of him in a blockbusting supernatural thriller, as Ollie, a mild-mannered supermarket manager who’s forced to get in touch with his inner hero, gives us chills.

Still, let’s hope Mist’s more Stephen King’s IT, than Stephen King’s The Langoliers, eh?

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