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Brighton Rock exclusive new poster

brighton rock

Brighton Rock is heading to cinema screens later this year, and we’ve gotten our mitts on an exclusive new poster for the film.

A moody, atmospheric affair, it shows off stars Helen Mirren, Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough, all of whom are coiffed to perfection in their ‘60s garb.

The new film transports the original 1930s setting of Graeme Greene’s book to the era of the Mods and the Rockers, with Riley starring as Pinkie, a troubled teen harbouring a religious death wish.

“I worked as a waitress in Brighton, funnily enough, and now I’m running a tea shop in the film,” Mirren says.

“I know Brighton pretty well, it’s a beautiful town and it’s got very much its own character. I thought to place the story in that period in Brighton was a brilliant idea.”

Adds director Rowan Joffe: “What 1964 did was it brought something contemporary [ to my take on the story ], it set the story of a young gangster against youth rebellion, and it was also the era of great gangster movies.”

Brighton Rock opens 4 February.