Brett Ratner to direct new Conan movie?

Rush Hour and X-men 3 director Brett Ratner has been rumoured to have signed up for the new Conan movie.

An insider tipped off Aintitcool , claiming that development company Lionsgate had signed him to the direct the reboot.

Screenwriters Dick Blackman and Howard McCain have previously said the earlier movies would be ignored and that the original Robert Howard stories would be used for inspiration.

John Milius not involved

Ratner’s involvement destroys any last hope that John Milius might return to direct his second Conan movie.

Until recently, Milius has continually expressed an interest to direct. In the late nineties, he even wrote a screenplay called King Conan: Crown of Iron, which followed an aging Conan and his son.

We doubt that we’ll see much of that in Ratner’s reboot. Here’s hoping Rodriguez gets Red Sonja moving before this new Conan flick hits cinemas.

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