Brendan Fraser faces Furry Vengeance

Brendan Fraser has agreed to star in the live-action family comedy Furry Vengeance.

In what sounds like a real-world take on DreamWorks’ Over The Hedge ‘toon, Vengeance finds a real estate developer building a new housing estate over part of Oregon’s wilderness area.

Trouble is, the current residents – a group of angry animals – are none too happy about this development and decide to fight back.

Roger Kumble

Roger Kumble, best known for directing Just Friends and College Road Trip (oh, joy) will handle the helming chores.

And if you want one more reason to rush to the cinema, the script’s being delivered by Mr Woodcock co-writers Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert.

If they use the tag line, “This time the fur will fly”, we’re going to have to report them for cruelty. To us.

[Source: Variety ]