Brad Bird officially on for M:I4

Pixar director Brad The Incredibles Bird has officially signed up to direct Tom Cruise in a fourth Mission: Impossible .

The news comes just as Paramount have announced the release date for Mission: Impossible 4 has been nudged back to 16 December 2011, which is later than originally expected.

Tom Cruise has confirmed that he will be returning as Ethan Hunt, while Mission: Impossible III ’s director J.J. Abrams will be overseeing proceedings as co-producer.

Bird has directed two animated films to Oscar-winning glory – The Incredibles and Ratatouille – but is less known for helming live action projects.

To date, his sole live action directing credit is an episode of Amazing Stories . Still, if M:I4 brings in the big bucks (we’re pretty sure it will), it would give a boost to Bird’s long-digesting pet project 1906 .

Having languished in pre-production and budgetary woes for a while now, 1906 is a live action flick about the San Francisco earthquake in that year, and the aftershocks of the historical event.

Source: [ Empire (opens in new tab) ]

Think Bird’s up for an impossible mission? Or rather he just direct 1906 ?

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