Blair Witch extended trailer makes the woods a claustrophobic nightmare

A month back the world learned of a secret Blair Witch sequel due to arrive in theaters this September. Unsuspecting audiences at Comic Con were treated to a special sneak peek screening of Adam Wingard's latest movie The Woods, and emerged having seen a fresh follow-up to Blair Witch. The first reactions from those who saw it are incredibly positive; calling it a major turning point in the horror genre. Having watched this latest extended trailer for the film, I'm inclined to believe them: 

Yiiiikes. Nothing worse than being stuck between a rock and a really pissed off witch. That'll be one of this latest band of eager youngsters, who joins the brother of Heather Donahue's character from the original after he learns of his sister's fate and demands answers. While that set up sounds ideal for a straight-to-video knockoff, in the hands of You're Next and The Guest director it's got a lot more to offer horror hounds. Particularly those who like to have their nerves shredded.  

Directed by Adam Wingard, and starring James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid, and Wes Robinson, Blair Witch opens in the US and UK on September 16.

  Images: Lionsgate 

Gem Seddon

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